Hey! I just wanted to take a sec to tell you why I built Punchli.st and give you a feel for the heart of my product. A few years ago, after spending the last 15 years in a digital marketing agency, I really was burned out and wanted to build something for myself. I had spent years building marketing sites and web apps for the smallest mom & pop shop to some of the largest companies in the world. The funny thing is regardless of the size of the business, the end of the project always sort of sucked. It was hard to get on the same page with the client on what was left, and the client was frustrated that we might have missed something from one of the 15 different ways they sent us feedback. So I built Punchli.st and when I say I and mean it. I taught myself how to write code and made the whole thing myself. A couple of years later, I have a small team helping me, and we have some of the best agencies in the world using it.