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Real-time Shared Feedback

Share out your project and watch the feedback come in. Everyone shares the same board so no more duplicate feedback and you get to the right answer quickly.

No Code to Install

There is no code to install. As long as you can reach your website in a browser you can load it into Punchli.st. This means Punchli.st works for everyone on the team and you do not have to deploy any code to start using it.

Organized by Page

As feedback is dropped on the page you’ll know what someone is referencing by what they pointed at. Come back when all the feedback is in the system and only look at the feedback for the page you working on.

Mark as Done

Share your project with the team, and as items are completed, they can be marked as done directly on the project. Always know what you have left and don’t let things slip through.

Community Review

Do you have a project you would love to get other people’s feedback on? We got you covered. Punchli.st members can opt-in to provide constructive feedback to anyone looking for insights. As Community Reviews get posted members get an alert and real-time feedback starts to come in.

Our Team Plan

Coming soon are team accounts, the Uppercut plan, with a slew of advanced features and integrations. Assign tasks, project activity, export to Trello, and many more.

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